Fresh Sausage Sampler

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2 Packs Ground Pork Sausage

2 Packs Fresh Kielbasa Sausage: Our fresh Polish-style, or "white" Kielbasa, is traditionally seasoned with the perfect blend of garlic and spices for that old world flavor.  This very versatile sausage is great in a bun or in your recipe roasted, grilled, or pan sautéed.  And many a Polish Chef (or Grandma) would simmer it first in seasoned water (or beer!).  

2 Packs Breakfast Fingerlink Sausage

2 Packs Hot Italian Sausage: For these sausages, we followed a secret traditional recipe including blended Italian spices with just a little red pepper. As a main dish or as an ingredient, the subtle touch of heat and full flavor is bound to stand as a conspicuous (gluten-free and MSG-free!) presence on the table.

2 Packs Fresh Chorizo Sausage: Just enough heat to get your attention and the flavor to keep you coming back.