We love hearing from pork lovers far and wide! When someone purchases Cheshire Pork, we want to know what they love about it and how the use it. We’re excited about this Q&A with Paul Salgado of Grilling With Koda. Koda being his adorable barbecue buddy pup.

Tell us about your BBQ Style?

I like to think of my bbq style as progressive. I love pushing the limits of what can be perceived as the norm and I am always trying to think outside of the box when I cook. At the same time I love traditional bbq that can just take you back or just keep inspiring you to continue making food that people can enjoy. As a backyard BBQer you should definitely have an identity but certainly no limits. 

How long have you been participating in the bbq world?

I have been participating in the social media bbq world for about 2 years now.

What do you look for in a great pork product?

I look for that consistency of a pinkish red color and a meat that has marbling. I definitely examine the bone on a pork cut. I avoid any cuts that have a dark spot on the bone. A good meat choice is the start of something good.

Why do you choose Cheshire pork?

Cheshire pork has set the bar for pork. When you are cooking for family and friends, a quality cut meat can be the star of the show and have people talking about your cook for months. Cheshire shines, seeing big name competition bbq’ers put it all on the line using Cheshire definitely gives you that confidence to have an amazing cook.

Give us one sentence on why you love to bbq?

Serve people good bbq and they will want to be a friend for life