Earlier this year we launched a new series on the Hog Blog called “Ham’s Down!” where we feature our top 5 favorite pork posts from the month, all created by our fans. If you want to be featured, be sure to tag @CheshirePork on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your chance to be one of the lucky featured fans! In the meantime, check out our top 5 favorite, drool-worthy pork posts from June!

1. Oh Chef Tom Jackson, you’re the pineapple of our eye with this dish! A pineapple stuffed with Cheshire Pork tenderloin and wrapped in bacon = a SWINEAPPLE. Genius.

2. No butts about it, this is some GOOD eatin’! Gourmet Gents have us drooling today with their low and slow cooked Cheshire Pork butt!

3. We’re pretty sure the B in this BLT stands for BEAUTIFUL. A summer staple that never ever gets old recreated by Star Provisions! We love anything that consists of Cheshire Pork bacon on a sandwich. 

4. If you need us, we’ll be in Ally’s Kitchen! This delicious summer pork sandwich uses shredded slow cooked loin with sweet grape cole slaw on a soft sesame hoagie bun. Yum!

5. You know when you have a meal for dinner and then you’re craving it the next day? We’re certain that would happen with this delicious pork tenderloin meal from Lola’s Bistro. I mean, does that Cheshire Pork not look like perfection?!