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This is what we call straight up MEAT CANDY. We’d choose #CheshirePork pork belly burnt ends over chocolate any day. How about you, Matt Hicks?!

Charcuterie, breakfast or brunch board, we don’t care what you name it - this looks absolutely stunningly delicious! Thank you for using #CheshirePork for your Galentine’s Day event, Better With Ju!

You betta believe we love porchetta. The Foode visited with Chica Restaurants in Miami for a total drool worthy slice of slow roasted #CheshirePork porchetta.

Now THAT’S a pork chop. Head over to KEE Oyster House to find #CheshirePork chops like these.

Well, as if his presentation didn’t already make us drool, he went and added a #CheshirePork chop to the mix! Bravo, Chef Julian Spezz