Salami Sampler Case

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Need the perfect item to pair with your favorite wine or cheese?  All of our salamis are handmade with true robust Italian flavors using the finest and freshest ingredients money can buy.  Cured with Celery Salt - No BHT, BHA, or MSG added.  Our sampler includes one of each of our 6 oz. chubs: Salami Classico, Sweet Sopressata, Hot Sopressata, Pepperoni, Milano Salami, and Vesuvio Salami.

Pepperoni-  Ground anise and cracked red pepper flakes give our handmade pepperoni its spice. The meaty Italian specialty boasts full flavor and is not masked by fat or fillers.

Sweet Sopressata-  Our salami is made the traditional way, by hand. Coarsely chopped meat is seasoned with garlic, wine, and fresh herbs for an old world artisanal taste.

Hot Sopressata-  Crafted just like our sweet version but with a hint of cayenne and red pepper for a taste that is spicy but not overpowering.

Salami Classico-  A robust flavor derived from perfect, natural fermentation. Timing and the right balance of salt and pepper provide an impressive salami that can rival any in Sicily.

Salami Vesuvio-  This salami combines the traditional flavor of the classic with a flare of cayenne and finely chopped imported aged provolone cheese.

Milano Salami -  This robust, finely ground salami is made with fresh garlic, whole peppercorns, and Chablis wine.


6 pack Salami Sampler