Darn Good Anything Sauce

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Darn good anything sauce. Vegan-friendly. All natural. Nothing artificial. No gluten. No dairy. No egg. No msg. No high fructose. Corn syrup. And low in sugar-7grams! 16 fl. oz. Darn good all natural anything sauce is in a class by itself! This is a tomato based sauce with lots of zesty seasons. It’s not particularly a BBQ sauce, or a ketchup, or a steak sauce, but it can be used like any of the above and more! It’s so darn good we just didn’t know what to call it! So, we call it darn good anything sauce…genius, we know! When you try it, you will see that no other name would do! Welcome to the 21st century, ketchup...2.0! Think if a-1 & sweet baby ray's had a child...but it's more healthy than the parents!